New Look

Welcome to my new site! The past months were crazy with all the events and music conferences I attended and mounted (yes, I lead a team that mounts small and medium-scale conferences). We are at the tail end of the year and after not one, not two, but three major we worked on, we finally have some down time! More sleep yay!

I'll be flying to Bangkok in 11 days to represent the country in Bangkok Music City. I'll be moderating a panel, will be part of the panel, and also talking about Indie Manila. Super excited to check out the bands who will be part of the 2-day music showcases.

Will be writing a lot of updates today for the Indie Manila. Lots of backlogs because of the busy schedule! Should dive into that right away.

Let me know what you think of my new page! Just fill out the contact form below. Hope to hear from you!

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