Intro To The Year That Was

I am imbibing my 14 year old self while trying to figure out what I‘d like to share first. If you do the Math (well to those who has knowledge of my current age hehe), the year was 1997 — that year where I shifted story telling from being a talkative kid to a more subdued version of myself. That Bel who very much gravitated towards scribbling down her thoughts and stories.

2019 has got to be one of the most eventful years of my life. To sum up, I got to visit and explore (in chronological order) countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan; went to La Union, a popular surfing spot up north of the Philippines for the first and second time; and ended my year fulfilling one of my late Mother’s life-long dream of visiting Boracay, an island in the Visayas region of our country. ALL BECAUSE OF MUSIC.

My day job as an Activations and Artist Curation Director had me involved in a 12-stop nationwide bar tour where we mount all the events and helped out a lot of local independent bands and artists by booking them for these events; lead and curated the Festival side for the first government-sanctioned Music and Business Conference in the Philippines; mounted one of the biggest Digital awards show in the country; and also curated lineups for Indie Manila gigs held at different iconic bars in the Metro.

Documenting the underground Music scene in Manila, unlike the previous years, has been a big challenge this year because of my day job. But I am grateful I was able to take photos and still was able to capture some shows and share them on Indie Manila.

Nicole, one of my best friends, took the photo I shared at the start of this post. I chose that photo for this entry because that pretty much sum up my year: literally took a lot of walks, ride airplanes, and ridden other wonderful means of transportation possible to be able to reach and discover new live music gems in South East Asia.

I am very excited to share a more detailed account of some of these experiences I had the past year through a more dedicated posts for each experiences in the coming days so hope you’ll stay tune for all that.

How was your year?

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