Day 57

Today is Mother's Day. It's raining outside right now which is a good thing because I think the entire country just experienced the hottest week of the year. A distinct vapor is slowly starting to come from the freshly-watered soil that's been basking in the afternoon sun. My father is currently with his friends at our bahay kubo belting his favorite song in karaoke. I am not entirely pleased with it because I needed to do a lot of thinking today but I have to make do.

I did a little math earlier today and found out that the entire country has been under quarantine for 57 days if you will count today. That's 1,368 hours of coping, of surviving this pandemic. Been contemplating a lot and thought it would've been great if I faithfully worked on a log sheet of sorts to document my time in isolation. But then I thought it would've been easy to make mental notes of everything since I am just contained in the same space since.

That's the thing. For the past 7 or so years I have been telling myself to write more and still here I am not doing it. Well, not entirely true since here I am filling up this space with my thoughts.

Maggie Rogers posted this journaling community that she's a part of. Followers of the said community will get daily topics -- or prompts as they call it for you the write about. They are in Day 40 and of course, given the theme of this weekend's festivities, the topic is about mothers. I'm not going to write about my mother just yet. I thought since this is my first entry during this quarantine, I'll list down things that I realized, learned, and discovered in the last 57 days.

Hours before the lockdown I asked my brother to pick me up in Makati. I told him I am really paranoid taking the public transport to go home. He happily obliged and the both of us have been here in my parents house since. Our company implemented a work-from-home setup which is great. The whole family has slowly established a routine. I, on the other hand, had established a routine and yet I still feel there's something chaotic about it. Very strange to feel for someone who had had worked from home for more than a year. Anyways, not going to elaborate about that. Let me start on my list.

I am a bit OCD. Don't take me on this but being in isolation made me notice little things about me like feeling uneasy when my spoon and fork are not the right pair or not the same weight. Or me constantly checking the Internet speed more that I should. Or feeling restless when I don't end my day reading an article or two from Flipboard.

My father and I talked a lot more during this quarantine than my entire existence combined before isolation. And I discovered that the man is a funny guy. Before, it was always him and my mother. I remember the many times I would hear talk and laugh non-stop everyday about things only they understand. My father would talk to me about...father-ly things and not really things pertaining to my as a person. While in isolation, we established our morning routine where I will prepare coffee for both of us and we'll sit on the porch and just talk, or sometimes not talk and just enjoy each other's presence. I also would sometimes join him on his morning walk which is really fun because I get to explore our neighborhood. And I am grateful to have these precious times with Papa. I think we are starting to be friends.

The sound of crackling dried leaves in the morning is therapeutic. It's my favorite sound in the world and I get to enjoy that a lot more now than ever before.

Started a video podcast with one of my best friends. I am part of a weekly video podcast called Backstage where Nicole, the Founder of Red Ninja Productions, one of the longest-running gig productions in Manila and I would go live every Tuesday at 9PM on Facebook to talk about music and gig production life while in quarantine. We invite friends from the Music community to join us our weekly catch-ups.

I am less allergic to cats lately. Before, I would have our cats sleep in my bed but 7 years ago I suddenly developed an allergic reaction whenever they're near. I'd suffer severe rhinitis when I am around cats or even dogs actually. Frustrating as it was, I guess witnessing and experiencing death changes someone leading them to developing unwanted traits like allergies. Or maybe that's my body's way of dealing with loss. But being around our cats and our dog this long is slowly making me used to them again. I can have Crooky close to my face and not sneeze or have short chats with our dog Taylor without worrying I'll have watery eyes after.

Those are some things I can share so far. My father and his friends just wrapped up their karaoke party. Silence again. There's this deck that I should be starting with for work but my brother had the internet modem with him the whole day so I didn't have anything done from my list of to-do's today. I should just wake up extra early.

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